January 18, 2018

Offers and apply

Our 2018 selection campain is open until March 31st midnight (Paris local time) !
Our Phd and post-doctoral grants offers are available in ENGLISH HERE !

interested in a PhD subject  ?

To apply, we invite you to contact the PhD/research supervisor and fill, with him/her the co-financing part of the online application form (Reply to the offer) by March 31, 2018 midnight !

Any question ? : these@cnes.fr

interested in a Post-doctoral position ?

To apply, we invite you to  propose first your research project and the host laboratory to the CNES responsible of the thematics for a first evaluation. (Entire list HERE)  and fill the online application form on each thematics sheet (Reply to the offer) by March 31, 2018 midnight !
NB: Please note that CNES propose post-doctoral topics only in the field of space transport systems. Have a look HERE

Any question ? : postdoctorat@cnes.fr

timetable 2018

Our call for candidates is opend until March 31st midnight !

After a first evaluation, only the post-doctoral applicants will be invited for an interview in April/May .

CNES juries selection meet in May.

Dissemination of results will be done after the CNES grants committee in Mid-June.